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Quote Center

The Brokers Life Marketing Group, LLCSM Quote Center gives you a quick way to compare products and estimate benefits. 


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In the Quote Center, you can:

  • Submit electronic applications
  • Compare premium rates from a variety of carriers.
  • Review carrier product information
  • Access WinFlex Web for insurance proposals
  • Review carrier specific underwriting guidelines, build charts, and requirements

Important Note:
Indexed Universal Life (IUL) products are not offered in the Quote Center. Contact a Brokers Life Marketing Group, LLCSM representative at 866.528.7933 for a comparison quote, illustrations and recommendations.

All quotes are tentative, non-binding and subject to change after a complete underwriting workup. By submitting a quote request you acknowledge and agree that this is neither an offer to insure nor a guarantee of insurance. No insurance coverage shall be construed as bound, in force, applied for or assumed as a result of submission of information. The final decision to issue a policy lies with the insurance company. All quotes subject to change without notice by the insurance company.

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